Services and Policies


We never charge an up-front fee.

We never incur out-of-pocket expenses without the express authorization of the estate.

We will come to you for one select item or a complete houseful of contents.

We procure necessary permits, security staff and parking personnel. As a professional courtesy, we distribute a note to the nearest 40 homes to alert them of the sale dates and times.

Our experienced in-house staff, security staff and parking personnel are on-site throughout the sale.

Multiple cashiers are present throughout the sale.

If you cannot or do not desire to have a sale at the estate location (i.e.; condos, or gated communities where sales are not allowed) we will move it to another location to conduct a sale. We call this "staging" and it works out very well.

We have movers available for deliveries of large purchases, whether for one piece or an entire roomful of furniture.

Under special arrangement, we can conduct sales from Maine to Florida and beyond.

Our fee covers all normal costs, including various advertising fees, newspaper ads, and printing/distribution and creation of appropriate print media and signage.

We provide an email alert to over 2200 regular customers giving them a full description of items in the sale, driving directions and photos of each room in the home after set-up and prep is completed.

We belong to EstateSales.NET for mass email dissemination and to gain a national audience.

We arrange for appraisals where desired or appropriate.

Our fee is based on a sliding scale, depending on the gross amount of the sale and work invloved.

If any items remain unsold, we carry them over to a future sale. We also can donate remainder items to a charity of your choice.

If you do not have an entire houseful of items, we will pick-up what you wish to sell and merge with other sales. No item is too small.

We also list select items on our online Consignment Shoppe.

Member of ESTATESALES.NET, a national online search engine for estate sales.